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For all other e-readers, you can purchase the epub file at Smashwords.

Now you can increase your manly knowledge without an internet connection! The book based on this blog, BE A MAN: How I Spent One Year Drinking, Shaving, Farming, and Fathering My Way Toward Masculinity, is now available to purchase!

The book contains revised and reedited entries from the blog, along with two manly challenges that have never been released! See how I manage on a farm and survive the apocalypse with nature’s toilet paper and drinking my own pee (in theory, at least).

The blog entries that are in the book are no longer on the website, so purchasing the book is the only way to get the full BE A MAN experience.

The book is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions, and can also be found in the iTunes Store, Barnes and Noble (for Nook), and Smashwords.