My name is Peter Andre, and I’m not a man.  I take gummy vitamins.  I require Band-Aids for paper cuts.  I’ve been called petite in mixed company.

Over the course of one year, I will attempt to fill in all the gaps of man knowledge that have escaped me so far.  If you’re catching the story midway through, why not start at the beginning?

New challenges are posted every Friday, and I’ll sometimes put up mini-posts during the week, so check back regularly or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.

Want to be a MANtor or suggest a challenge for me to do? Or just want to say hi? Email me at beamanproject@gmail.com.


Thanks to all the past, present, and future MANtors – clearly this project would never have been possible without your support and knowledge. You’re the best collective tour guide an aspiring man could ever ask for. A special shout out to Jake for helping with the header to the website.

And thanks to Q for being my editor, photographer, illustrator, sounding board, and daily inspiration.